BOATS! - Best Boats! Collection (CASS)

BOATS! – Best Boats! Collection (CASS)

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The Best BOATS! Collection features sixteen tracks from various splits, eps, b-sides, as well as five brand new tunes previously unreleased. Punk powerpop from Sacramento, California. Dynamite tape.


1. My Mother Was Right
2. Twenty-One
3. Heart Of Gold
4. Pool Party
5. A Why
6. Staph Infections
7. On My Mind


8. David's Song
9. Must Have Been Me
10. One Of Us
11. The One
12. Head Lice
13. I Don't Believe
14. Internet Beach
15. Never Coming Back
16. 1,000 AOL Hours


Pressed on turquoise blue cassettes. Only a few left!

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